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Our Mission

Creating a community of passionate football fans who highlight the classy side of the game, keeping discussion positive, uplifting, & inspirational. 

No matter if you are looking at our company 2 years ago or now, our goal has stayed the same. We want to provide people with the best football content, and create a community of people doing so.

Our Story

Class on Grass Media started out as a soccer podcast created by two 16-year-old best friends in their parent's basement. The podcast was called "The Class on Grass Podcast" and, although the first few episodes may not be the most flattering, it was the start of something much bigger. Mac & Leo, our co-founders, worked tirelessly at perfecting the podcast but did not stop there. Within 8 months of starting the podcast they felt the need to become something more. This birthed Class on Grass Media, a website and media company which provided news and podcasts about everything happening in the world of soccer. Over the next year they improved their podcasts and news reports, exceeding many of their original expectations for the business. Many people were connecting through email, social media, and podcast questions. This well received input caused the boys to work even harder to create what COG Media is today. All of the values that Mac & Leo instilled in the business from the beginning have stuck through thick and thin, and no matter how big our organization gets, we will always be an open community of passionate football fans.

Meet Our Team


Maclean Brown

Co-CEO & COG Weekly Co-host


Leonard Larson

Co-CEO & COG Weekly Co-host


Sutton Lillygreen

COG Weekly Technical Director

Blake - Image.jpg

Blake Aerni

Supporters Pod Co-host


Peyton Thomas

Supporters Pod Co-host


Eli Seehof-Flory

Champions Pod Co-host


Dominic Vazquez

Champions Pod Co-host


Paul Strom

Woolwich Worshipers Co-host


Louis Walthour

Woolwich Worshipers Co-host

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