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Alessandro Davite on Italian Football and the Tactical Side of the Game

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Jose Mourinho and Alessandro Davite in training - via Alessandro Davite

Not many football enthusiasts can say that they have worked alongside the likes of Luciano Spalletti, Antonio Conte, and Jose Mourinho as a part of their job, but Alessandro Davite can.

To him, it is not a job, but a passion.

On the COG Weekly Podcast, Leo Larson and I discussed with Alessandro about Italian football and how important match analysts are for their respective clubs.

Check out the full interview here:

As a first-team match analyst for Italian side A.S. Roma, Davite and his team study countless hours of match footage, tactics, and details to make sure the 11 players on the pitch are best prepared by kick-off every match-day.

Before A.S. Roma, he was based in Milan where he studied at the University of Milan while also working with the AC Milan academy teams as an analyst.

Growing up a passionate Inter Milan fan, it was only a matter of time when Davite switched to his favorite club to work with the first team on tactical analysis.

Throughout this interview, Davite emphasizes how important the complete understanding of each player's ability is to creating a successful game plan.

It would be a dream to be able to play attacking football with great possession retention every match-week, but this is not realistic. In order to know what the best way to play is tactically, you must know what players you have in your squad.

A large part of Italian football is the atmosphere and the passion of the fans. Davite explains that those factors that do not include the 22 players on the pitch are also key to their analysis.

He is blown away by the Roma fans and the atmosphere that they bring and claims that it is a large part to their success at home this season.

Alessandro believes that football is about joy, love, excitement, and a culture that leaves no room for violence, hate, nor discrimination which clouds our lives far too often.

It was a pleasure to have a conversation with Alessandro Davite and the full interview is out now on YouTube at The COG Weekly Podcast and any other platform that you find your podcasts on.

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