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How Kye Stopka Found His Purpose Through Football

Stopka playing in a match - Kye Stopka via Instagram

Kye Stopka's professional career in football was sidetracked before it even started, but it ended up becoming something even more valuable.

From Australia to stints in Europe with top academies at a young age, Kye knows first-hand what it takes to compete at the highest level. With this knowledge, he started his own training program NexLevel Soccer to help others achieve their professional aspirations.

On this week's episode of COG Weekly, Kye explained how his purpose and goals in life changed throughout his young career so far.

Check out the full interview here:

The pandemic hit Kye's life as hard as anyone as he was battling with a long term injury at the same time as lockdown. This brought a very difficult time in his life. After months of struggle, a friend requested Kye make a training program for his son who was looking to level up his footballing ability.

Kye was hesitant at first, but once he compiled this program for one kid, he really enjoyed it. Soon after, more and more people reached out for a similar request which sparked an idea for Kye.

He decided to seize the demand of his knowledge and talent and make it into a business.

NexLevel Soccer is now his main passion in life alongside playing football himself. He finds purpose through helping young kids reach the level he found himself at at one point in his life.

His original goal is to help get five people into a professional level of football. As his company grows by the day, we are confident he will reach this goal in no time.

It was a pleasure to have a conversation with Kye Stopka and the full interview is out now on YouTube at COG Weekly and any other platform that you find your podcasts on.

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