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Luis Figueiredo's Fascinating Approach to Coaching

Luis Figueiredo on the sideline coaching - Instagram via Luis Figueiredo

Kajaanin Haka's head coach Luis Figueiredo believes that the most crucial part to a successful team is having an identical language of football for all players.

If everyone has a different interpretation of football, no one is going to be on the same page.

COG Weekly covered Luis's football philosophy and more on their latest podcast episode.

Check out the full interview here:

What stood out is Luis's passion for all his players.

Even as an Under-8 third team coach, he was motivated to make sure that his players never quit nor gave up on the team.

This translates to his own career as he moved from club to club as an assistant coach and goalkeeper coach before earning a head coaching job. Football is full of uncertainty, but with persistence, Luis has shown that you can get to where you want to be.

When asked about his footballing philosophy, Luis explained that, as a coach, you are unable to begin with tactics and style of play until every player understands and "speaks" his language of football. With an example, he said that a defensive "low-block" tactic could mean one thing to one player, but a completely different thing to another.

With this gap in understanding, they will never be on the same page in matches. It is his job to teach them his interpretation. Luis has managed to influence his squad at Kajaanin Haka in this way.

It was a pleasure to have a conversation with Luis Figueiredo and the full interview is out now on YouTube at COG Weekly and any other platform that you find your podcasts on.

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