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Pablo Campos Retells His Successful Career

Campos clapping fans at NSC stadium in MN - Pablo Campos via Twitter

Pablo Campos has played his football in every part of the United States and almost every level of U.S. Soccer as well.

His career visited California, Utah, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, and, most importantly to us, Minnesota.

Now retired, Campos gave the COG Weekly podcast an opportunity to sit down and reflect on his storied career.

Check out the full interview here:

Campos explained how there were many times in his career that he thought he was going to play for one club or college, but his own morals and value for respect told him to play for a different club that would treat him well.

This happened at a youth level and professional level, but Pablo knows that it is part of a footballer's career. There will be times you are traded without you knowing, or you hit a run of poor form, but you must stay steady in your own mindset and play your best wherever you end up.

The highlight of his career was winning the MLS Cup with Real Salt Lake in 2009.

He retold the Utah team's incredible run from barely making the playoffs to winning it all in Seattle.

As the final whistle blew in the final and everyone was celebrating, Pablo said he remembered all the things that got him there in his career. He was very grateful for it all.

It was a pleasure to have a conversation with Pablo Campos and the full interview is out now on YouTube at COG Weekly and any other platform that you find your podcasts on.

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