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Cody Ruberto and The Valuable Lessons That Football Teaches

Cody Ruberto dribbling in-game via Cody Ruberto

Through countless failed surgeries and medical professionals explaining the impossibility of ever playing professional football, Cody Ruberto lived by the belief that "there's always a way."

With any footballer's career, no matter the level, there are rock-bottom lows and top-of-the-world highs. It is that journey that makes football such an incredibly valuable sport. The lessons learned and experiences gained through football cannot be found in any other part of life.

In the latest episode of the COG Weekly Podcast hosted by Leo Larson and myself, Cody Ruberto illustrates his own experienc with the volatility of emotions that come with injuries, club trials, and new environments.

Check out the full interview here:

Cody Ruberto, a Thunder Bay, Canada native, played his professional football in Italy, England, and Wales before starting his own company Uride Tech.

If there is one thing to take away from listening to Ruberto's life story, it is that dedication pays off in all aspects of life. Since as early as 12 and 13 years old, Cody's love for the game fueled him to create his own months-long training plans. He never wasted a moment if it meant that he could be playing soccer in any capacity.

This dedication and drive to better himself led Ruberto from being a bench player in a high school in Canada to playing professionally for Cefn Druids in the Welsh first division.

The path to success was nowhere near a straight shot for Ruberto. After gathering all he had and moving to Italy to pursue his dream of professional football, a space of two years found him back in the States scrambling to find a successful surgery that would mend his injury.

Cody explained how he had to play poker to fund his own travel to different medical professionals. Once he got to those professionals, the response was more often than not, "you will not be able to play professionally again."

This did not stop the Canadian as he spent those years living by one quote; "there's always a way."

Successful surgery and hours of rehabilitation saw Cody go back to Italy years later where he would bounce around different clubs before relocating to the United Kingdom.

A stint with, most notably, Macclesfield Town and Cefn Druids completed his time in the U.K.

Cody explained that it was the people and the culture of the places where he played that impressed him greatly.

The sense of family and togetherness that was found at many of the smaller community clubs stood out to Ruberto because if he had one of the best performances of his life or one of the worst, the fans that he interacted with were always supportive and optimistic.

Ruberto believes that the most valuable part of his time with soccer is all the experiences, lessons, and people that come into your life along the way.

It was a pleasure to have a conversation with Cody Ruberto and the full interview is out now on YouTube at The COG Weekly Podcast and any other platform that you find your podcasts on.

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