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The Problem At Chelsea

Everyone knows that Frank Lampard spent over £200 million on player transfers in the summer, and it is to the surprise of many to see them sitting at 8th in the Premier League table currently. But a huge question has been risen by many people: why have Chelsea been so underwhelming when they have such good players such as Kai Havertz, Timo Werner, and Hakim Ziyech at the club. There is no easy answer to this but one massive part of it is the fact that these players have had to adapt to a different league, different culture, and a different language. It is never easy for players, especially players of their ages, to adapt to so many changes in a short period of time. But another major reason for their lack of success thus far is the style of play at Chelsea. T

wo players in particular, those being Havertz and Werner, are not being played to their strengths. At RB Leipzig Werner had success playing in a strike partnership with a good hold up player next to him, while at Chelsea he has had to play as a lone striker as well as on the left wing at times. As for Havertz, he had success playing as a high number 10, having to do very little defensive work, but Frank Lampard has often utilized him in a midfield 3 which requires him to do more defensive work. With Chelsea's recent appointment of Thomas Tuchel, there will be a German connection between the manager and Havertz and Werner. Chelsea fans will hope that can help them get the best out of Havertz and Werner. If I was setting up Chelsea, I would set them up in a 4-3-1-2 with Havertz playing as a number 10 ahead of 3 more defensive midfielder because then he has to do less defensive work. I would play a strike partnership with Werner and Giroud, to replicate how Werner had extreme success at Leipzig playing next to a good hold up player, similar to Giroud, in Yussuf Yurary Poulsen.

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