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Tottenham Hotspurs, Professional Choke Artists

Oil and water, Spurs and trophies (Audi Cup doesn’t count), things that, according to science, cannot possibly mix. Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspurs were on fire, being first in the Premier League table from weeks 9-12. With their park the bus then counter-attack tactics, they were seemingly unstoppable, but the real challenge was up ahead. In week 13, the Spurs were set to play last year’s titleholders, Liverpool. This game was make or break. Liverpool struck first with a lucky deflection off a shot from Mohamed Salah,

but Spurs struck back with their well-known fast counter-attack with Lo Celso playing a through ball to Son, who beautifully slots it into the near post. From then on, Liverpool was hammering Spurs with attacks, with Spurs not being able to get the ball out of their own half. Finally, in the dying embers of the game, God granted Roberto Firmino the ability to score again. A corner was whipped in and Firmino thunders a header into the back of the net and Liverpool get their deserved win.

This loss seemed to have really shaken Tottenham up, with them going on to lose 2-0 at home to Leicester City (should have been three but the offside rules are rubbish) and choking a 1-0 lead to tie a weakened Wolves side. Honestly, I believe that Mourinho has done well to use the strengths of his players to win games. Spurs just need to shake off these two losses and get back to their fast and effective counter-attacking play. While it isn’t pretty football, they are getting results, which cannot be said about their rivals, Arsenal, who are on the brink of relegation.

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